YESbrella – The Mini Reverse Umbrella Like No Other

Closes faster, Covers wider, Weighs less. This reverse folding umbrella has got it all!


Taipei City, Taiwan


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Umbrellas are an essential part of our everyday life, but the average umbrellas on the market can no longer meet our expectations, which is exactly why we encounter so many unpleasant situations on rainy days.

Trying to get into your car, but can’t manage to close the long umbrella without getting stuck in the car door.  Carrying a dripping umbrella that gets water all over your clothes.  Using an automatic umbrella and still having to manually collapse the shaft to close.

Does this sound like a typical rainy day?  

YESbrella is made to answer all your problems, a one of a kind compact reverse umbrella with full umbrella capabilities.

We’ve spent 10 years working on perfecting the YESbrella, making it smaller than the average reverse umbrella, making it weigh less and stronger than long umbrellas on the market, and making it cover wider and close faster than other compact umbrellas. 

When getting into your car, you can close YESbrella into the smallest gap of a car door without getting stuck and remaining dry all the way.

With its compact design, YESbrella fits perfectly in your seat side pocket and allows you to keep your car interior spotless, unlike other umbrellas that have nowhere to be stored and drip all over the seats. 

With YESbrella, all it takes is the press of a button to automatically close the umbrella in a second and there’s no extra need to manually collapse the shaft, enabling you to leave the rain behind in style and without a hassle.

YESbrella automatically closes in two steps, first the canopy, and then the umbrella shaft.

The patented reverse-folding design leaves the wet side of the canopy contained inside when closed to hold the rain water inside without dripping, so you won’t need to worry about getting your clothes, bags, or that unlucky friend next to you wet.

Most umbrellas on the market have iron or aluminum frames that easily rust and become deformed, or they use fiberglass that makes it really heavy. YESbrella uses carbon fiber material, which is commonly found in aerospace and military products, to build the 8 rib umbrella frame.  

Carbon fibers are not only lightweight but also durable, so even in the case that the canopy is blown inside out, the automatic close function still works and you can easily be protected again from the wind and rain.

YESbrella has a unique handle design that allows it to hang on the wall and also be carried by hand. It’s easy to carry and drip free, so you won’t need to use a plastic bag for a wet umbrella, eliminating unnecessary waste and protecting our one and only earth. 

The ring-shaped handle is made from flexible material and doesn’t obstruct YESbrella from standing firmly, so no need to worry about placing your umbrella somewhere and creating a clutter or mess. 

 The YESbrella canopy coverage area (112 cm diameter) is 15-20% wider than average umbrellas, even enough for a crowd of three. 

 The YESbrella uses UV protective fabric, together with the double layer canopy and the ventilation holes designed to dissipate heat, to keep you cool and protected on sunny days against UV rays. 

Made to shelter you not only from the rain but also the sun. 

With the high density water repellent canopy fabric, rain drops fall off easily before they’re absorbed, so you won’t need to worry about collecting excessive water as it can be simply shaken off before closing the YESbrella.

It’s time for an upgrade! This one of a kind umbrella is the answer to all your problems. Don’t wait until a rainy day to regret. 

To open: Manual To close: Automatic Weight: 1.04Ibs (470g) +/- 10% Number of umbrella ribs: 8 Umbrella rib and frame material: Carbon fiber Umbrella shaft material: Aluminum alloy Canopy Material: UV resistance coating for UV protection Water repellent fabric: 1,300mm water resistant level Windproof level: 8 force strong winds Designed in Taiwan, manufactured in China

Hi, I’m Sheng-Chun Lee, founder of the Yexin team, also the inventor of the patented YESbrella. In 2004, on a business trip in Japan, I was at the Tokyo train station trapped by heavy downpour and I witnessed the commuters clumsily getting themselves and other wet while closing their umbrellas, as well as the cleaning staff working hard to clean and mop up the dangerously wet floor in vain. This inspired me to commit myself to solve the problem with design and that’s how the first generation reverse umbrella was created. 

As a product designer, I always want to work on improving the functions to bring greater conveniences to the users, so from my observations, I realised that there were further improvements that could be made for car drivers and passengers. It took another 10 years with plenty of trials and errors to finally perfect the reverse umbrella and bring this upgraded version to Kickstarter.

 We’ve dedicated ourselves and resources to create YESbrella, which requires more than 20 molds, each repeatedly tested and adjusted to make this compact and two-step auto close design a reality in the reverse umbrella, enabling car drivers to enter the car by simply pressing one button and storing the compact umbrella easily in the car.

Our goal is simple, to create an umbrella that is made for car drivers, to keep them dry and graceful while getting in and out of the car in rainy weather, and to make it possible to leave the wet weather behind.

This project is promoted by Jellop, the ad tech power behind the best Kickstarters with 850+ successful Kickstarter projects with over $370M raised between them.

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