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Playing console games with no restrictions. That’s how gaming, even with consoles, should be—free and exciting to enjoy anywhere! That’s why we created the TOPO Gamepad Screen.

Just mount it and clip TOPO on to your console in a heartbeat, and you’ll instantly have a play-anywhere screen that lets you play while lying in bed, traveling or even camping!

 Brackert could not only mount to the console but also use it as a base stand! 

Isn’t it funny? We’re in 2019, we have all this incredible technology available for gamers, and, yet, everyone is still using consoles and playing like it’s 1999—having to look for a TV or another monitor to play! That’s not how it should be!

With TOPO, you don’t need any TV or monitor if you don’t have one where you are or if you simply don’t want to rely on one. You can just get your console, clip TOPO on to it, and you’re good to go and have fun!

While it is mainly designed for PS4 and XBOX One, TOPO comes with an HDMI port that is also compatible with other gaming consoles and HDMI-compatible devices—namely with many mini-computers and mini set-top box TV sticks that are HDMI-compatible.

That’s the beauty of TOPO. We turn a cumbersome gaming console that would typically require an even more cumbersome external screen and we add a beautiful and convenient attachable HD screen that instantly turns your console into an all-in-one play-anywhere gaming device!

TOPO comes with a 7″ IPS HD screen that delivers amazing graphics and an impressive performance. You’ll see no delays, you’ll experience no drags, and you’ll see no nonsense! Just the kind of high-quality graphics that any demanding gamer should always enjoy!

Autonomy would be a concern when talking about a gaming consoled turned portable for a play-anywhere experience, which is why TOPO is both powerful and efficient. 

On the other hand, TOPO has an improved motherboard powered by a 5V Android micro-USB power socket. On the other hand, it is designed for a stellar performance with ultra-low power consumption, and you can charge it with any Android-compatible mobile phone charging cable.

Also, no matter how intensely you experience your gaming adventures, TOPO will never overheat, so it’s always cool to use and comfortable to hold!

While compact, TOPO has double speaker Stereo features with a 3.5-inch audio interface that create a gaming environment that sounds like pure fun, so you don’t need to use headphones.

However, if you wish, you can connect your headset or external audio to TOPO’s audio jack for a fully immersive gaming experience!

We know: you take your gaming seriously. TOPO does too: you can do some heavy-duty gaming and allow yourself to be transported into your gaming world while using a gamepad screen that is super light. 

TOPO weighs only 170g and even with its bracket, it weighs just 190g. It’s just like holding a slim and sleek smartphone… but a thousand times more fun!


We offer two different brackets, PS4 and XBox. You will have the option to choose which one you want on the survey after the campaign end. 

If you want extra bracket, simply add extra $5 dollar(HKD$40) to the reward amount you pledge and send us a message to tell us which one you want.



Risks and challenges

Like all Kickstarter projects, we will face certain risks and challenges in delivering this product at the quality we demand of ourselves. However, the TOPO team brings with it not only our passion but experience in engineering and manufacturing at scale, and we’ve made every effort to mitigate these risks for our backers.

With the support of our manufacturing and distribution partners, we are well prepared for the challenges ahead. We promise to be transparent and to keep our backers updated and informed about any issues that may come up and our solutions to such.
We can’t wait to share you the best gaming experience!

Feel free to reach out at if you have any questions.Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

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