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The Milky Way in a Sphere with a diameter of 15cm/7


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“Welcome to our 5th Kickstarter campaign, sit down, relax your eyes, your neck, your scroll finger and get ready to browse our campaign from dusk till dawn. 

 Enjoy the videos, the many pictures, the headlines and if you are completely inspired, also our texts :D” 

If you have any questions, suggestions or wishes, please feel free to leave us a comment. 

Let´s begin…

We are a small company founded after the first successful Kickstarter Campaign of Clemens in December 2016. We have focused on producing space-related things that are not only beautiful but also educational. If you want a brief overview of our work feel free to watch our three years CinkS labs video (only 1:41min)!  


Keep in mind, that all our pictures are real photos, with the exception of some minor removals of dust and reflection.

StarCon2D, Milky Way Sphere , Universe Sphere

The Video, that inspired me three years ago to make my first Universe Sphere…


Our goal is not only to create beautiful glass art, but also to put a focus on science. We want to provide our customers with quality products that bring them closer to an understanding of the greatness and beauty of our Universe

In our previous campaign, we put the starry sky into our spheres. Together with an astronomer working in this field, we not only designed the sphere on the base of star catalogs, but we also developed the Startetz card game containing a book with anecdotes for each constellation, to get a better overview and to learn some names and characteristics of the stars.

Since the beginning, we have been asked if we can produce our beautiful spheres in a larger size, but due to manufacturing and shipping hurdles, we could not fulfill this wish…

We can proudly present the Milky Way in a Sphere in 15cm/6.9″ diameter! We know that some say 7″ is not much, but we are sure that the 4.2kg/9.3 lbs sphere will make the hearts of our backers beat faster.

The Big Milky Way Sphere

At the moment we only offer a large sphere containing the Milky Way, but we are planning to improve our production so that we can also map the structure of the Universe in 15cm. Sometimes, there are still “dead spots” within our big Universe spheres, but we are working on this problem and hope we can also offer them soon.

“As in all our campaigns, we’d like to offer our previous creations so that you can get your hands on all our popular spheres, cubes, and the card game”

In addition, we have some stretch goals planned, so be amazed, enthralled and encouraged to support us with the combined strength of your credit cards! 

Within the past 3 years we developed quite a number of products: 

The Universe Sphere  The Milky Way Sphere  The Pocket Milky Way  The Star Constellations Spheres  The Startetz Cardgame 3D-printed Bases  The Milk-E-Walls  and more… 

You can find further information about each product below the pictures and at the end of the pictures section…

The Borderless Universe Sphere

The cosmic web…Scientists have used measurements and simulations to find out that this is how our Universe is structured.Every tiny dot represents one whole galaxy. 380,000 galaxies, 250 Megaparsec=815,000,000 light-years in diameter. And this is still just a tiny fraction of the whole observable Universe.

The Milky Way in a Sphere

 Our home Galaxy. One could think, that each dot stands for a star, but in reality, each dot represents 1 million stars. In total it is 200,000 dots because scientists estimate, that the Milky Way consists of 200 billion stars, every star with potential planets. You can also observe the globular clusters and the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy.

The Pocket Milky Ways

The galaxy for your pocket. With 3x3x1cm this glass ashlar (Yeah!) is the smallest visualization of our home galaxy.

The Star Con 2D

Each dot represents 1 star of our starry sky. The human eye can see stars with a magnitude smaller than +6.0, which are only about 5068. (brightest star Sirius: mag -1.44 , full moon: mag -12,7).Because the 88 star constellations are historically defined only by their outer boundaries we have created the connecting lines in cooperation with astronomer Dr.Dr. Susanne Hoffmann.

The Star Con 3D

For this sphere, we tried to visualize the distances of the individual stars to our earth, but we had to scale logarithmically.

The Startetz Cards

A card game similar to car quartets or top trumps, with which you can playfully learn the names and characteristics of the constellations and their stars. It contains a booklet with anecdotes and historical stories about each of the 88 constellations and 88 constellation cards with beautifully drawn motifs for each constellation.

The Startetz Booklet
The Startetz Life Shot with the Cards, The StarCon 2D and the Booklet
The sizes of the Milk-E-Wall

Our latest product, the galaxy on the wall, The Milk-E-Wall. The largest version weighs 5.1 kg due to the high-quality glass with the 3D lasered galaxy inside. The galaxy is illuminated by RGB LED´s and can be illuminated in different modes. The largest version has a closed frame, the other two are open on the sides.

The Colors of the Milk-E-Wall
3D printed Bases
The different shapes of bases we offer

Of course, you can always read more on our previous campaigns, but do you really need more information? No? Good! Yes? Also Good! 

Here you will find our Previous Campaigns with detailed information for each product: 

The Universe in A Sphere – Kickstarter

The Milky Way in A Sphere – Kickstarter

The Star Constellations in A Sphere and a Game – Kickstarter

Our Pre-order Shop where we sell add-ons and also previous products:

Preorder shop

 Our Youtube channel, with videos of the goods and the manufacturing.

CinkS labs YouToube Channel

Either way, we would appreciate if you rather support our campaign than just order at our preorder shop because every pledge boosts our campaign and attracts new backers.

Now you’ve gotten to know most of CinkS labs’ creations. Which one do you want at home? We are very curious about what you have in mind with your goods.

Would you like to be able to explain the stars to your dearest? Or play cards with your grandchildren and afterward know such funny star names as Aldebaran, Shedar or Unukalhai? Does the constellation Vulpecula (the fox) really has the star Anser (the goose) in its mouth? You can read about it all in the booklet of the Startetz playing cards.

Or would you like to own a whole galaxy, our Milky Way in one sphere? 200,000 points, each symbolizing 1 million stars. each with potential planets. This makes an unimaginable scale. You can have them on your desk or in your pocket.

Speaking of unimaginable scales, of course, you can also own the Universe Sphere. 380,000 points, each symbolizing an entire galaxy. Even this number is only a tiny fraction of our observable Universe, but still, each point contains billions of stars

If every imagined star in the Universe Sphere were a grain of sand of 0.5×0.5×0.5mm, then this would result in a cube with a dimension of 210x210x210m. Given, that an average beach is 10m deep and 30m wide, this would result in a beach of a length of 30km, just from the stars of one Universe Sphere

“I´m still I´m still Jenny from the Block…”

Did you play a lot of Minecraft? We also have glass cubes and Milk-E-Walls.

We have been thinking about stretch goals for a while and have come to the conclusion that we only want to reveal the meaning of our stretch goals once the previous stretch goal has been reached. As soon as we have reached a goal, we will unlock it as a pledge level and post an explanation about the next one. So here is the first explanation:

 100.000€ The Moon Base – A new 3D-printed Base with both sides of the moon.   200.000€ – The Iron Moon – Not Iron Sky  300.000€ – The Big Base – for big balls  400.000€ – The Sun&Moon in a Sphere – quite obvious  500.000€ – The Butt Moon – Wat?!

If you want to support us to reach our stretch goals, and you are no rich Indian prince who wants to invest a couple hundred thousand, then help us spread the word! 

Post on Twitter, Insta, Reddit, 9gag, Facebook and your chess club 

 Pictures of prototypes: 

The first prototype of the Moon Base, more will follow
“Salvator Mundi” from Leonardo Davinci, with a little help of Photoshop it´s now Salvator Galaxiae

Due to the high weight of the Big spheres and the Milk-E-Wall the shipping costs are quite high. They are calculated according to “GER/EU/Rest of the World” with the exception of Australia, USA and Canada, for which we have better conditions. They vary between 15-75€. In the case you have any suggestions on how we can ship cheaper we would appreciate a hint at

If you need some charts, data and projections of Kickstarter campaigns, Kicktraq is just right for you!
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