The Brightlite: A Super Bright Solar Garden Light

Finally see what dangers lurk in your dark yard with a super bright, weather-proof solar garden light that lasts up to 6+ hours.

James Barger

Seattle, WA


$ 40

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A poorly-lit yard is just one unlucky night away from a trip to the emergency room…

Debbie’s story may be made up. But her backyard is all too real. Dark backyards hide trips, falls, and dangerous wild animals. Animals like raccoons, snakes, foxes, and even bears. No good for you, no good for your kids, and no good for your fur babies.

People try solar lights hoping they’ve found an answer to their fears.   

The dirty secret is that most solar lights suck! They don’t work as pictured on the box. You’re better off using the light from your cell phone light to find your way to your front door.

But it’s no surprise that dinky solar lights have taken the world by storm. There aren’t many homeowners who can afford $2-5K for wired lighting. Wired lighting also forces you to tear up your yard. Goodbye beautiful landscaping.

That’s why we developed the Brightlite.

The Brightlite lights your yard with 60 lumens for 6+ hours to easily see what’s lurking in the dark. 

The Brightlite is a beautiful AND functional solar pathway light.

Brightlites don’t just weakly twinkle in your yard. These puppies put out 60 lumens of warm-yellow light. And LOTS of it.

We want to show you (and the world) how awesome solar lighting can be! You can get LOTS-o-light for your own yard today. 

When you back our Kickstarter campaign, you’ll be one of the first owners of this revolutionary new light. And you’ll be helping fund our inventory in the process. It’s a win-win!

And I’m confident we can keep our promise to deliver a truly BETTER solar light.

My name is James Barger. I’ve been part of over $700K in crowdfunding projects. I know the good, the bad, and the ugly. I know what it takes to keep promises to backers. And I’m a former mechanical engineer too. So I know the technical challenges as well. 

 We’ve kept these lights simple to cut costs and prevent surprises in manufacturing.

No switches, remotes or apps to struggle with or break. Just a high-brightness, high-quality, attractive solar light.

Our partner factory in China.
Officially kicked off mold making!

When we say they’re the brightest on the market, we mean it. Like WAY brighter.

These lights are 13X brighter than other best-selling lights on Amazon and Home Depot. No more surprise guests in the yard or embarrassing falls in the night. They have enough power to last 6+ hours. It won’t last all night, but it will be up later than most teenagers.

Most other solar lights stay on all night & destroy their own batteries in no time.

Most solar lights claim to last all night. Here’s why that’s a BAD thing. It turns out this is a BIG reason why most solar lights die an early death.

Now, you may be wondering… why not keep them on all night?

Keeping your lights on all night destroys their batteries. Solar light companies don’t want you to know this because they want you to buy (read:replace) more lights. We protect your batteries from draining too low. This way your lights will last for years to come.

The lights come on at night automatically. They turn off once it senses low battery voltage. No need to switch them on or off.

Future versions of the Brightlite will have adjustable brightness to so you can get them to last until morning. So sadly, if you want these to be “ON” when you go to work in the morning, you’ll have to wait for the next version of the Brightlite.

But I can promise you that these Brightlites will light your path safely and consistently every evening for years to come.

How do I know that?

We’ve spent over 12 months testing the design. Hot, cold, lots of sun, no sun, and even underwater.

We tested them in one of the worst solar climates around: Seattle.

They still work like a charm. Yes, THAT Seattle, Washington. The only place that may be worse is frozen Alaska.

The reason the Brightlite works so well is because of the solar panel. The solar panel is rated at 2W and is over 16X bigger than most competing lights. A bigger panel means that even low light locations can get enough sun for the Brightlite to work.

That means Brightlites can work in low light areas too. You may not get the full 6 hours, but they will always be super bright. As long as you get some sun to your yard, these will work. But like all solar, you do need SOME sunshine.

As long as they can get 3 hours of full sun, they’ll get a 100% charge. Freezing temps, rain, snow, and even floods won’t stop your lights from working. We’ve even tested them submerged under 3 ft. of water for 30 minutes and they still work.

 (3 ft. deep water test NOT shown below) 

If you live in a hot climate, we’ve got you covered there too. The solar panel is made of glass & industrial-grade, UV resistant ABS. It’s the same plastic used in LEGO bricks.

The rugged ABS plastic body is also made to handle bumps and knocks too. The Brightlite is beefy enough to withstand high winds. You won’t need to worry about knocking this light around.

On top of a badass design, all Brightlites sold on Kickstarter come with a Lifetime Warranty.

Yes, Lifetime as in as long as you live. Pass them onto your Grandkids if you like!

We want you to enjoy your well-lit backyard for years. Not just a season.

Plus installation is a breeze. A Hawaiian breeze.

No need to do any back-breaking work to install these. Simply install the metal stake in the ground and you’re done. No trenches, wires, conduit, or contractors needed to get high quality lighting.

You can also permanently secure the Brightlite to almost any fence, pole, post, or wall. Simply drill a hole, glue in the dowel, and stick on the Brightlite.

They can go anywhere and last for years. They’re like the WWII Jeeps of the solar garden light world.

The only challenge you’ll have is figuring out how many lights you need for your backyard.

Lucky for you, we’ve already got you covered there too. 🙂

Here’s how you can figure out how many lights you need for your property. One hanging Brightlite puts out a 6ft (1.8m) circle of full light. You’ll be able to see anything within that range clearly. You could even read by them while camping, at the park, or anywhere else you may not have a light nearby.

That means you can outfit the front path to your house with 2-4 Brightlites. Or you can line your entire property with 12 of them. If your yard is larger than 800 sq. ft, you may need more. That means, with a typical 7000 sq. ft. lot, you can outfit an entire yard for just $288 for 12 lights.

Or you can get a TON of light with a distributor pack for $612.

Light your yard however you want. Go as bright or lite as your heart desires.

One last thing to mention for folks who want to wait…

Super early bird Buyers can get their own set of 2 for $40. This is the lowest price you’ll see on the Brightlite for years. We may even be backordered after we fulfill all our Kickstarter buyers. My priority is to deliver a great light to people who helped us make it happen first.

If you wait, two things happen…

1) You won’t get as good a deal on the Brightlites when you do order them.

2) You might be stuck living with a dim, poorly lit backyard with hidden trips, falls, and wild animals.

3) You might look back at this page and wish you’d ordered a Brightlite when your current solar lights kick the bucket.

You may not immediately feel it at the cash register, but Dollar Store lights are expensive.

Think about the number of “close calls” you’ve had walking to your own front door. The times you’ve almost tripped. The step you didn’t see. The garden hose that got left out from watering earlier. The raccoon cubs that were sniffing around your trash.

Right now, your yard is one missed step or one animal-bite away from a trip to the emergency room.

Now think back to the number of times that you’ve replaced your lights. All the money you’ve spent. The number of lights you’ve thrown away because they just stopped working.

Dollar Store lights can’t provide enough light to see what’s hiding in the dark and they fall apart.

Now imagine never having to replace your solar garden lights again because they “went bad”.

Unlike Dollar Store, Home Depot, and other Amazon lights, we don’t cut corners.

We use high quality LEDs, Li-ion batteries, and rugged UV resistant ABS plastic in our design.

Shipping is $6 for U.S. buyers, $40 for Canada, $50 for Mexico, and $60 for anyone in the European Union (Britts too). Please check each reward level for more details. Just click the big green “Back this Campaign” button above and select your reward. We’ll get your shipping details as soon as the Kickstarter ends!

If you’d like to become a Brightlite reseller, grab a “distributor” pack today. For more info, just reach out to

Thanks for looking and I can’t wait to see your name on the backer’s list!

James Barger

Chief Light Advocate & Janitor, Brightlite Inc.

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