SCOUT Any-Smartphone Video Rig with All-You-Need Accessories

Compatible to any smartphone, adjustable for vertical and horizontal shooting, with HD microphones, LED light, and more.


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 SCOUT Smartphone Universal Modular Rigging System by DREAMGRIP®

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SCOUT is the new compact Universal Modular Rig System for low or even next-to-nothing budget video content production with just a smartphone. 

Adjustable clamp holder on rotatable connector enables to fix easily and securely ANY phone for shooting either horizontally or vertically.

SCOUT is great for both indoor and outdoor. It is lightweight but well balanced and pocket-fit sized for easy carrying or traveling. 

The rig modules can be assembled in a number of different setups of your choice. It can be handheld, can stand, can be mounted on a mini or a full-sized tripod.

The integrated patented Track System provides a connection base for the extra microphone, LED light, and other photo/video accessories one may need for the production of professional quality content. 

SCOUT rig is very simple in use and with all accessories does not require any previous shooting experience of the operator. Just define your shooting frame, connect a microphone you need, check if more light is needed for a better picture – and kick out your content project!

Our original 36*LED light with a professional ratio 96% of Color Rendering Index can be securely attached to the SCOUT Track and comes with the integrated universal USB charger and a rechargeable Li-ion battery of 1100mAh (included in MOJO Kit only). 

It is powerful enough to light objects for clear shooting up to 3 meters distance even in a pitch dark night.

With all the above we did our best to claim DREAMGRIP® SCOUT being the best ever created compact modular Rig and the most accessible solution for vlogging, live streaming,  visualization of educational projects, mobile journalism (MOJO), commercial and promotional videos, social network content and marketing.

SCOUT will be extremely valuable everywhere for creative but low-budget video production. 

And yet DREAMGRIP® SCOUT is the best-wanted gift indeed for teenagers around the world. Although, not just another toy but a powerful tool for content production skills development, photo/video shooting, understanding the basics of storytelling, composition, and editing.

And even the better news is that all these accessories are now available here with Rewards and Add-ons! 

Early Bird Rewards

Back us early for an even better deal. Reward levels are limited, so don’t miss your chance!

DREAMGRIP SCOUT is the Universal Smartphone Rig System. You can use all or some elements from the set to build different setups for the most convenient and the best shooting experience with any smartphone.

SCOUT Rig is easily adjustable for horizontal or vertical shooting layout with either front or back cameras. It can be handheld, can stand, or mounted on a support. The patented aluminum Track can accommodate and carry the most of common photo/video accessories with a standard photo/video cold shoe mount and/or 1/4″ connection screw.

For better video footage or streaming quality, you can mount external lights, microphone, or other accessories you need.

Learn more at the Rewards Section


Add-on items can be added to any reward. To include an add-on item(s), select your reward and add the amount for the add-on item(s) to your pledge. Then send us a quick message letting us know what add-on(s) you selected.


All-You-Need Dual Lavalier Lapel Microphones & Accessories pack DREAMGRIP® LAV MIC PRO  fine-tuned for “velvety” voice sound appearance with professional TPE soft cable, with 2 Extension Cables 7ft/2m each, 4 Invisible Underclothing mic holders, Original Mic&Stereo Y-Splitter, TRS adapter, Perfect for Journalists, Interviews, YouTube Professionals, Movie or Video Production, Broadcasting, etc.

DREAMGRIP® LAV MIC PRO is an all-you-need set of 2 professional Hi-Fi condenser lavalier microphones with the full kit of accessories and extensions for simple and convenient sound recording with any smartphone*. The microphones are also compatible with other portable electronic devices equipped with standard 3.5 Audio Jack (TRRS) port.

Each of DREAMGRIP® lavalier microphones deliver a clear and crispy sound record with enhanced sensitivity of lower frequencies for better voice perception. It is probably the best choice for interviews, podcasts, live streaming, vlogging, and other types of content production with a human voice. With the original Splitter (included) both microphones could be connected for recording simultaneously from two sources with the same smartphone.

The set of extensions and accessories will allow varying microphone distance from the camera (up to 3 meters) with extended cable, easy fixing microphones on any garment, and even hiding the mic under cloth without any sound quality loss.

And you can enjoy all the convenience of using our new Lavalier microphones (included in VL and MOJO sets) fine-tuned with deeper base sensitivity for more “velvety” voice sound in dialogs, interviews, or any other in-home, office studio, or outdoor shootings.

*ATTENTION! For some smartphones (like Apple iPhone) with no 3.5 Jack Audio port a special connector may be needed (not included in this box). For Apple iPhone use ONLY original connector authorized by Apple.


MiniGun Directional Video Microphone set DREAMGRIP® VLC-80, fine-tuned for 1-3 ft. (0.3-0.9m) distance voice capture, with extra universal Gimbal Mount for DJI, Zhiyun, any other Gimbal, Compatible with iPhone, Samsung, Pixi, other phones, DSLR, and other 3.5 Audio Jack devices. Superb for YouTube Starters, Vloggers, Video Production, Live Streaming, and Broadcasting.

Our new innovative MiniGun VLC-80 microphone has been developed specially for SCOUT and fine-tuned for clear voice recording (included in VL and MOJO sets). It can also be easily mounted yet on ANY other rig, DSLR or gimbal with special connector included.

VLC-80 Mini Shotgun Microphone on DJI OSMO Gimbal

*ATTENTION! For some smartphones (like Apple iPhone) with no 3.5 Jack Audio port a special connector may be needed (not included in this box). For Apple iPhone use ONLY original connector authorized by Apple.


Click here for the SCOUT Press Kit

Who We Are

DREAMGRIP® is the global brand for Universal Phoneography Modular Ecosystem with the plurality of products united by the “all-you-may-need” concept for low budget video production.

Initially, the idea and design of the first rig were born in Hong Kong by a small group of videography enthusiasts. Today under DREAMGRIP® brand you may discover a number of interconnective complimentary smart accessories and extensions, which will help you to get the best of your smartphone camera and empower anyone for professional-level video content production.

Started as a small lab with a few enthusiasts DREAMGRIP® team now is growing and collaborating with engineers and designers around the world while the branded products are well known by phoneography enthusiast, budget creative studios, and mobile journalist over the globe. 

And whatever new products yet to hit the market DREAMGRIP® promises to support the modular concept and universal compatibility of all elements united in the growing Ecosystem.


Featuring DREAMGRIP EcoSystem: Universal. Modular. Open.

The Universal Compatibility

Each product or a set of products designed to accommodate and fit one or several Smartphones, Tablets, Action cameras, Compact VCR, DSLR, and even more. Creating a product we are focusing first on compatibility with the wide range of smartphone shapes and models. But after the relevant engineering solution successfully found we adjust the materials, shapes, and proportions to enable its application with other gadgets and cameras within the weight and size limits.

Besides ability to use with almost any existed or yet to be designed smartphone DREAMGRIP delivers to a creator valuable sets of products, which not only help to master many different shooting skills and technics with plurality of cameras but yet will serve a long time after becoming a tool of mature operator due to compatibility with the infinity of other professional-grade accessories.

The Modular Structure.

Pioneering and developing the modular construction principle we have created the most advanced but yet simple unique System of interconnectable elements for photo/video production.  Such a solution allows a Creator to choose only those parts of the system, which are necessary to assist an operator in particular shooting technics and camera positions. And even better is that you will be able to upgrade your System with extra Modules or even with the whole new Sets anytime you need them while been assured each new element will fit the System and will be connectable to the other modules, elements, or ports.

Due to the plurality of connectivity options and the choice of Modules, the System delivers an unprecedented possibility to build up an endless number of truly unique custom setups, which you will leverage for taking the most creative DREAM SHOTS from any camera position and any shooting angles you imagination yet to come up with.


The Open System

Each DREAMGRIP product, module and their parts come equipped with a number of connection means. These are the screws with 1/4” thread, brackets with cold shoe fitting size, and others matching precisely common photo/video industry standard sizing. And thus, Creator’s ability to construct new custom setups is not limited even by the impressive number of original DREAMGRIP accessories supply. By using the standard industry connections, you can integrate the System elements or parts with the whole range of photo/video accessories from many other brands and suppliers.


It means that DREAMGRIP neither is going to replace what you already have in your photo bag or even the old stuff at your attic nor is it likely itself to be replaced as useless junk after a couple of years. The System still would be able to carry new extra cameras, external lighting sources, microphones, and other extensions that yet to be developed will keep extending the grips and providing you with connections for mounting new setups almost anywhere with whatever you may need to be fixed on it.

Featuring DREAMGRIP EcoSystem: Modules, Products, and Kits

To share the benefits of The Open Eco-system with Creators DREAMGRIP offers the full range of products for smart photo/video production. A number of key products like Rigs or Optics are available in Boxed Kits with some useful accessories included. These add-ons are selected by DREAMGRIP following what-you-may-need or make-it-easy logic. Such Kits mainly will include extra valuable extensions and connection means of multi-purpose use. Some products may come in Series with a number of Kits to choose from, like Evolution Rig for instance. But some products can be available only in one Box Kit.

Some System Modules and a number of accessories are also available to let Creators upgrade their gears with extra equipment when needed. Mainly, these Modules will come as is, or as a part of an Upgrade Kit with a number of connectors included. And some smaller accessories are available in sets of several items or sometimes along.

DREAMGRIP Products nowadays the best can be presented in several groups. These groups are – Rigs, Optics, Supports, Sound, Connectors, and Accessories. However, some products could be united in Kits to let Creators save costs and enjoy the better value for money.

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