The RODA Gyroscope

Physics you can feel. It’s the perfect companion for your desk.

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Gyroscopes have been around for a long time. They use a spinning wheel and a housing to show off some mind boggling physics. They seemingly defy gravity by balancing on a pen, or a finger.   

RODA can easily balance on a finger.
RODA can easily balance on a finger.

There’s a lot of science going on behind a gyroscope. Even a hundred years after they came to market, they can still surprise and delight.  

RODA can also balance on the tip of any pen or pencil.
RODA can also balance on the tip of any pen or pencil.

We wanted to add new features to this timeless desk toy. Expanding it’s capabilities and creating a gyroscope that would fascinate and educate. We dove into some old physics textbooks and came up with the next generation of gyroscopes.  

The beautiful brass and aluminum means RODA looks great on any desk.
The beautiful brass and aluminum means RODA looks great on any desk.

The patent pending design of the RODA includes a new way to hold the gyroscope on it’s sides. By simple movements of the hand you can control the rotation of the RODA.  

It's the perfect desk toy for fidgeters.
It’s the perfect desk toy for fidgeters.

The RODA Showcase option also includes a base that looks beautiful on any desk. The base design also shows off some amazing and unintuitive physics. 

The relationship between torque and angular momentum makes the RODA spin on its base.
The relationship between torque and angular momentum makes the RODA spin on its base.

Precision manufactured out of a polished brass wheel and aerospace grade aluminum, the RODA is built to last a lifetime. We hope you back us today and help us make the RODA a reality!

 We’ve identified two stretch goals that we think would be great additions to the RODA if we exceed our goal.


We’ll add the option for our backers to upgrade the aluminum base and housing to Red, Green, Blue, or Black. This is done using a process called color anodizing. The aluminum ‘absorbs’ the color for an even, rich color that will last a lifetime! We’ll send out a survey once the campaign is over for backers who select a color option to let us know which color they want. 


We’ll include upgraded packaging with every RODA that will make it a great gift option. 


Hello, I’m Jose Cardona. I’m a Mechanical Engineer from the University of Puerto Rico with a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech. Before Mechanical Design Labs I  worked on all sorts of cool projects including contracts with NASA and the Air Force, nuclear power plant engineering, rocket design, and on one project I even got to work with the astronauts on the ISS. 

I’ve always had a huge passion for science, and that passion has led to a mass collection of  desk toys and gadgets over the years. I came up with the idea for the RODA over two years ago. Since then, I’ve been working with other designers, manufacturers, and engineers to make the best possible version of the RODA. I hope you’ll share my enthusiasm for this project and help make the RODA a reality. Thank you all for your support!



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Risks and challenges

We’re working with manufacturers to improve the design and optimize the manufacturability of the RODA. As with any physical product, the risks include manufacturing and delivery issues. We’ve made numerous production-quality prototypes, to ensure there are no surprises in manufacturability or quality. We’ve tiered the delivery of the RODA to reduce the chances of being overwhelmed, no matter how many units are sold.

We’ve also identified different manufacturers and processes that make sense at different manufactured quantities. We are also set up to deliver our units using a third party logistics company, with distribution warehouses across the world, who also help us handle tracking and customer issues.

We’ve been working on the RODA for a long time now. We wouldn’t make this project public if we weren’t confident we’d done our homework on all fronts. Although there can always be unanticipated issues, we believe we’ve done our best to prepare for every eventuality and commit to being transparent throughout the campaign and beyond.

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