Meet Subpod: Turn Food Waste Into Greenspace

Team up with nature to use waste as a resource. Zero smell, zero mess, and it’s so easy to do.

Saadi Allan

Byron Bay, AU


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The Subpod Grow composting garden bed is the perfect ‘compost + grow’ solution for a family of 2-4. Process up to 15kg of food waste a week, and also grow your own nutrient-dense food in your own space. Your veggies and herbs are getting supercharged by constant natural feeding and fertilisation! 

Airflow is key to good composting. The ventilation lets air in yet keeps the pests out. 

The internal divider allows you to segment your compost, and compost things such as onions which needs to de-gas. The worms will move in and out as needed. 

 Collect the nutrient-rich ‘worm juice’ made during composting, and use it diluted to water your plants. We call it #liquidgold 

For every 10 Subpods pre-ordered via Kickstarter, we’ll be giving one to a School or Community Group.

With over 900 Subpods pre-ordered to date, we’ve now allocated almost 100 donated Subpods! Find out more about the program here.   

Become an Affiliate

We’d love you to join the Subpod family and help us to make composting a part of everyday life globally. Become an official affiliate for Subpod here:

Then simply share posts, send an email and refer your community / audience to the Subpod Kickstarter page via your unique link. We have accurate tracking for all referrals, so you’ll receive 15% of every dollar raised for our campaign, on your behalf. Thanks so much for your support! 

What Can I Compost?

Organic waste includes much more than just food scraps. Subpod will allow you to compost any organic matter which would usually be discarded in a green bin, including lawn and garden waste, paper, and even natural fibres such as clothing. That means that favourite old cotton shirt doesn’t have to go to landfill when you wear it out!

Even food scraps that are traditionally excluded from other compost systems can be added, including citrus peel, onions, fish, and meat on the bone (in small quantities). Just remember, it is worms and microbes doing the work, so the smaller each piece of waste is, the faster they will break it down.



 Subpod® Compost Aerator

This compost aerator has been designed to make mixing and aerating your compost easy. With just a few minutes of light work each week, you can thoroughly mix and aerate your compost – and in doing so, create the perfect conditions to encourage rapid decomposition of your organic waste.     

Feed The Soil. Feed the World.™ Hemp Tee

We’ve collaborated with local legends, Afends to create a range of Subpod’s own signature branded tees. Spread the word about composting and soil health in style. *Tee colour may vary from image shown

What’s In the Box?

Every Subpod purchase includes:

1 x Subpod 1 x 100% Natural fibre worm blanket to keep your compost covered and worms happy Subpod Quick Guide Access to our online community portal, Subpod Grow Hub. An online community hub where you can interact with other Subpod users around the globe, sharing tips, tricks, instructional videos and your success stories Attentive customer support (online & phone)


We’ve made the decision to subsidise shipping to make it as affordable a possible. 

We’ll be shipping to Australia, USA, Canada, EU, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong and Japan. We are working on shipping to as many countries as we can in the future, but we are still sorting out all the shipping logistics at the moment. 

Another option is to ship to one of the countries listed above and use a freight forwarding service. We’ll be working on as many solutions as we can to help get a Subpod to you.

The total weight of the Subpod in the shipping box will be approximately 10.5 kilograms/23.15 pounds, which includes the worm blanket. The size of the Subpod shipping box will be: 78 cm / 30.70 inches x 18 cm / 7.087 inches x 48 cm / 18.9 inches. 

Shipping Estimations (to destinations listed above):             Aerator = $8             Tees = $8             Subpod x 1 = $14             Subpod x 2 = $26             Subpod x 3 = $40             Subpod Grow Bundle = $28

Please note: VAT is not included for EU/UK backers. Average taxes on top of prices: EU/UK 21%, CAN  5%, Asia 8%.


Estimated Delivery Dates:               First 1000 Subpods = January 2020               Next 1000 Subpods = February 2020               Following 2000 Subpods = 1 additional month (repeated)   

We launched on Indiegogo in March 2019

We launched our first crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in March this year, which had wild success globally, gaining pre-orders from 29 countries and support from many more countries. 

Now we’re in Production!

Since the wrap of our first campaign, our team have been working super hard, and have been really focussed and committed to a successful manufacturing process, to make sure the Subpod is as refined, durable, and consistent as it can be. These first pre-orders to our Indiegogo backers will be fulfilled as first priority, followed by all others. We’re excited to say we’ll starting to ship these within the next 1-2 weeks (around 15th Nov onwards). Woot! We are incredibly thankful for all of the support we’ve received, and we do all we can to make your composting journey as amazing and smooth as it can be! 

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