K1:Portable Smart Lock Box With Fingerprint & Access Sharing

Remotely control | Manage access | Unlock with Fingerprint or Password | App & Bluetooth Control | Enhanced Security

K1 Key Box

Camden, DE


$ 59

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K1 lock box is a worthy continuation of Ujia’s extensive efforts in bringing to the world smart, secure and beautifully designed lock products. Having multiple design awards under its belt, Ujia strikes again with a minimalist lock box, oriented not only at large business owners and renters but also at savvy homeowners.

The K1 lock box is an amazing safety net for all homeowners. Just place a spare set of keys and other essentials inside, then always be ready in case something goes wrong or you lose your keys. You don’t need to hide your keys under a rock anymore.

No more changing locks, no more getting locked out

 K1 lock box is Mobile App-Enabled. Grant access to your property even when you’re away. 

The perfect backup to get inside your home or Airbnb – with a variety of smart and convenient unlocking features. Freely share access to your guests and it’s convenient for Airbnb self check-in.

Not only dynamic, permanent, and temporary passwords available, but also virtual password available, virtual digits + Correct code (up to 9 virtual digits). 

Eliminate the hassle that comes with physical keys 

Airbnb | Office | Home | Short & Long Term Rentals | Warehouse | Dormitories | Store

With the Ujia K1 App, you can share the access of your property remotely, eliminating the need for key handovers and late-night meetings.

Manage Fingerprint and Password Entry Access   Share Unlocking Permission Remotely   Set Time Windows for Access  

With a design philosophy of “Less is More”, Ujia proves once again why it’s worthy of its multiple design awards

Store all the essentials you need in case of an emergency or for your rentee to use

Ujia K1 designed by an efficient and economical process has a long service life, with very good strength and hardness structure. Die casting produces parts that are durable and dimensionally stable while maintaining close tolerances.

>Die-cast aluminum alloy casing >Die-cast zinc alloy bolts >Stainless steel CNC

Polished and anodized to perfection, the K1 casing is corrosion-resistant and decorative – fitting in every place, always complementing its surroundings.

Unlocking by fingerprint is highly secure and comfortable. It allows you faster access control and full authority on your K1 lock box. Ujia K1 is able to store up to 50 Fingerprints.

Machine-learning: decreasing its error margin with a time   600,000 : 1 Rejection Ratio   1,000,000 : 1 Failure Ratio  

The Advanced Encryption Standard, AES, is a symmetric encryption algorithm and one of the most secure. The United States Government uses it to protect classified information, and many software and hardware products use it as well.

>AES128 Bit Encryption >2-way Communication Encryption >Secure Cloud Storage

3 triple-A Batteries  

Enough for 80,000 continuous unlocks and 15 months battery life with 10 unlocks per day.

Emergency Type-C Input  

Use your phone, a portable battery or a wall charger to unlock the key box in case the battery dies.

The safety circuits are all built-in inside the lock box, with no vulnerable third-party elements on the outside.

Single Large Screw Installation | Screwed or Hooked  

Multiple Screw Installation | Firmly fixed on the wall  

Screw-Only Installation | Ideal for wooden doors and platforms  

Included Installation Accessories  

Fixed by Self-tapping Screw: Applicable to the wooden door

Fixed by Expansion Screw: Applicable to stone brick, concrete wall

Fixed by Cat-eye Bolt: Applicable to the door with cat-eye

Fixed by Loop: Suitable for the door with hook

>4 x Shadow Bolts >4 x Bolts >1 x Large Bolt >4 x No nut screws >Strength Pad

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