ilumee: 4K LED Projector with Ultimate Short Throw Rate

4.3 inches for 100” screen | Max. 300” cinema display | Ultra HD resolution & long lamp life | Equally high white & color light output

Yoton Technology

Los Angeles, CA


$ 1699

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ILUMEE Ultra Short-Throw LED Projector has the world’s shortest throw rate, giving you 4K ultra high definition image up to mind-blowing 150″ huge display. Get a 100” screen from only 4.3 inches away!  

ILUMEE 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector has the ultimate wide-angle lens, letting you place it just 4.3 inches from the wall and filling a screen as large as 100”.

Projecting a movie or giving a presentation, no one will ever need to stand in the beam of projected light and create shadows on the image.

It is extremely easy to install and saves the cost and hassle of a ceiling mount.

ILUMEE projector takes the lead in the industry by boosting the shortest throw rate of 0.2:1, while the standard among competitors ranges from 1.5~1.9:1. It can fill a stunning 70 ~ 150 inches screen from a distance of only 1.2” ~ 15”. It can project a screen size up to max. of 150 inches.

Brightness or lumen of white light has been overstated in projectors because it alone cannot deliver bright, lifelike colors. CLO is equally important since a comparably low CLO can render the images dull and lifeless with the details hard to see.

ILUMEE brings the vivid, true colors you see everyday to life by ensuring that the color brightness matches the white light brightness in lumens.

With a brighter image, you can easily see the detail even in well-lit rooms without the need to spend loads on a projector with really high lumens.

8.3 million pixels deliver awe-inspiring image quality with crisply defined details and incredible clarity.

ILUMEE can give you up to 20-years-worth of entertainment thanks to a bulb life of more than 30,000 hours.

With the help of High Dynamic Range Imaging Technology, PRODUCTNAME gives you improved contrast ratio, brightness, and color depth with rich details in highlights and shadows.

Denoising, gamma correction, color calibration, and enhanced color gamut coverage, dozens of cutting-edge color processing technologies have been applied in ILUMEE to emit a picture that’s bright, detailed, and color accurate.

ILUMEE creates Hi-Fi stereo audio which is as good as 5.1 Surround Sound System, giving you an immersive experience when you enjoy films, games and sporting events.

Better than the blue light exposure from traditional LCD screen which could hurt your eyes, you receive soft, natural and healthy reflected light from PRODUCTNAME which won’t strain your eyes even when binge-watching.

ILUMEE is universally compatible with flash drive, hard drive, DVD player, video recorder, Chromebox, game station, etc.

In addition to the remote control, ILUMEE can also be manipulated through a built-in touch panel which comes handy in cases when you couldn’t find the remote or it doesn’t work properly.  

ILUMEE features the Android TV operating system to stream services like Netflix,  Hulu or your favorite sites.

Yoton is an innovative projector producer brand managed by Yoton Technology, which with subsidiary manufacturing and R&D facilities. Our team aims to create projectors which are different from the current products in the market. To achieve this goal, we assembled a group of experts in the projection field, bringing out different projectors as the major supplier for a lot of brands and we are the exclusive supplier of Polaroid. And this time, we want to launch our own product as a brand which is named ilumee. 

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