Glow&Grow: The 3-in-1 Sonic Makeup Removal System

Get squeaky clean in just 90 seconds! | Fast removal | SKINPURE Sonic | Multiple Settings Pressure sensitive | Super portable


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Glow & Grow is the world’s first smart makeup remover.

Thousands of women are wearing makeup every day.  And after a busy day of work and an evening out with friends, we understand the last thing you want to do when you get home late is wash your face and remove your makeup!  And it’s a pain to scrub and scrub to make sure it’s all off!

No more tedious routines that take 20 minutes.  Your makeup will be gone, and your face will be fresh and clean in no time at all!

Glow & Grow is a lifesaver when you feel too tired to wash your face before bed.  In 5 simple steps you’ll have your face clean and feeling great  

How many times have you come home from a party drunk and just gone to sleep because it was too much effort to take off your makeup?  Wish there was a fast way to get your makeup off? Now you can use Glow & Grow!  It’s easy and fast.

Many cleaning brushes are just hurting your skin. With Glow & Grow you get a gentle and effective cleansing effect without damaging the keratin. Glow & Grow offers a gentle cleansing method for different sensitive areas and different types of skin through two different antibacterial cleaning heads.

The soft silicone head is unique in that the 8-shaped brush head is designed deep into your pores to give you a professional cleaning effect.  Glow & Grow can quickly remove any makeup from your face and then clear your pores and remove excess body oils.  After you use it, your face will not only feel clean, it will feel softer and less oily!

Make-up residue, after cleaning, touch the entire face, you will feel more even and tender skin. After each workout, you can help deep cleansing oily face.

Many women damage their skin when they clean their faces!  Often when you push too hard with your fingers, it can cause wrinkles and even permanently damage sensitive facial muscles.

Glow & Grow will intelligently identify your use in 360° rotation mode. When the force is too much, it will stop automatically. When the power is light, it will work harder. The smart pressure technology helps to protect your skin.

At the bottom of Glow & Grow is a beauty spa applicator with hot & cold mode. Simply use this to evenly apply skin cream and other nutrients to every corner of your face.

Heating mode: 5S is heated to about 42°, which can effectively relax the skin and help the nutrient solution reach deep into the skin.

Cold mode: Reduce to 3 °C – 8 °C in 5S (15 °C -25 °C lower than room temperature), help to quickly shrink pores and lock in the nutrient solution, block dust and dirt from getting into pores.

Then the final step of makeup removal skin care system is to use the larger metal head design for an icey muscle care treatment.  This cold facial spa treatment is perfect after a long day!

Glow & Grow is a three-in-one smart makeup removal tool that gives a professional makeup removal experience and spa-quality skin care solution in 90 seconds, with almost no effort.  And the best part is it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.  Take it to the gym, work, vacation or on a business trip.  You’ll always look great!

The best thing about Glow & Grow is that it’s made of ultra-hygienic silicone that lasts for life! Other cleaning heads inevitably age, breed bacteria and cause health problems over time. Our replaceable brush head provides an unparalleled ultra-hygienic cleansing experience.

The silicone head is made of food grade silicone, safe and soft, anti-allergy, anti-bacteria.

The natural rubber head is not irritating, elastic and 2.5 times milder than other brush heads.

Make-up is the nature of beauty, and scientific makeup remover is also our responsibility for a clean and transparent skin. We are a group of scientific madmen, fashionistas, and beauty darlings who are dedicated to bringing effective and deep cleaning methods to the beauty lovers of makeup.

We have assembled an aesthetics expert, mechanical engineer, electronic engineer, beauty painter, and fashionista to work together to develop this epoch-making makeup remover system. Behind us, there are strong R&D, production teams, factories. Support us.

Our steps have not stopped, and now our team is reviewing small batches of samples and quality control, we expect to start shipping in November. At the same time, we also consider the need for manufacturing and products to be revised.

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