ABFOCE: Ultra Foldable Solar Panel & Wireless Charger Kit

ABFOCE: Ultra Foldable Solar Panel & Wireless Charger Kit

The ABFOCE solar recharging kit compacts to an extremely portable size while ensuring wherever you are your gadgets are juiced up, prepped and on. The magnetic USB charger attaches itself to panels and just as readily releases, allowing for inside use too. Equipped with fast charging USB-A, USB-C outlets and a Qi-compatible wireless mat, the ABFOCE gets multiple devices fully charged fast. An easy to read LED interface allows you to follow your panel’s activity during any powering cycle.   

With a ready to use LED torch the ABFOCE’s tough construction delivers the complete solution for any power demands your devices will need while on the go.

*USB-C also acts as an input.  

Made with the most powerful and attractive mono-crystalline panels available, the ABFOCE’s four solar panels readily absorb more solar energy. Not only that, the panels are filmed with fluoropolymer, the best light transmission that can be found in the market, so ABFOCE pushes in 5V/1A at 4 to 6 times more quickly and efficiently than any of its nearest rivals, even on a cloudy day.

The provided box effortlessly accommodates the compact panels and a 10000mAh battery detaches magnetically to act as the stand-alone power source. Being incredibly transportable ABFOCE easily fits into a bag, coat, or carrier, ready to supply on the demand power wherever you are: Fast.

Equipped with 2 USB-A and 1 USB-C outlet ABFOCE offers all the latest in quick-charge thinking: Providing QC | PD plus wireless Qi-pad facilitation. Not only can ABFOCE be powered by the sun both micro-USB and USB-C offer extra fast charging options.

With superb green credentials, ABFOCE delivers a natural power source to just about any and all of your compact electronics: smartphones, e-books, SLR cameras, GoPro Series, drones, in fact, just about any portable electronics you need on demand. All of this and more, as ABFOCE also effortlessly provides multiple electronics with charging power.

A PET covering seals the panels in a protective coating that secures resistance against liquids, dust, bumps, and bangs. Attached to a durable material that takes anything you — or nature — can throw at it, sure to keep its properties and shape, the ABFOCE takes any adventure in its stride. 

With a built-in component that uses Smart controls, ABFOCE sees its charge held at a consistent, highly efficient, 90%. All the while securing fast, hassle-free, charging. Maintaining an ideal charge the ABFOCE works tirelessly to keep your batteries and adapters in perfect condition, helping your devices stay powered up for longer.

With a crystal clear display, the LED shows any user both the charging status and available power as of now, assisting any user in the placing and angle of the solar panels in order to gain the highest possible efficiency. 

The built-in LED light is a welcome addition, enabling the unit to act both as a flashlight and/or as an emergency SOS call sign. Essential for those times you need help there are two strobe patterns available when a situation calls for action.

ABFOCE is a professional service provider dedicated to the research, development, production and sales of “environmentally-friendly, outdoor sports” electronic products.

The company has been adhering to the service concept of “continuously providing innovative products for customers” and “providing products with excellent value for consumers” in research, development and design of products.

ABFOCE is a brand of ESHINE INTERACTION. Founded in 2004, ESHINE INTERACTION is a professional service provider specializing in R&D, production and sales of “Environmentally-friendly, Outdoor Sports” electronic products. The company has passed ISO9001:2015 International Quality System Certification, and has been entitled as National High-Tech Enterprise in 2018. The company has a professional and strong R & D team which has been investing a lot of human resources and funds in product design, research and development, performance, applications, etc. All products have their own Intellectual property patents.

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