A soft & flexible real wood band for Apple Watch + Fitbit

Tech doesn’t have to look so…techy. A hyper durable & eco-friendly strap engineered to calm & upgrade your style with upcycled wood


Philadelphia, PA


$ 35

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Don’t be a technology clone! It’s important to offset our overly connected life with small injections of nature. Could be a plant on your desk, eating lunch outside, or a daily reminder on your wrist. Even small interactions with nature have positive impacts on our cognition, psyche, & overall well being. 

A timepiece should inspire you. It should be an expression of self. It should be re-inventive. Why must tech look so… techy?  

An earth friendly alternative to the rubber, metal, & silicone options out there. We rescue lumber offcuts, a typical waste product, to produce incredibly strong wood bands. 

Light Teak + Rosewood
Maple + Dark Teak
Wood backgrounds included
Fitbit Versa
Fitbit versa
Looks great with any color case
Fitbit Versa

The bands are incredibly supple & buttery soft. The top features real wood while the underside is backed with a durable vegan leather. It’s the type of comfort you already know & love.

We put the bands through rigorous testing to ensure they are durable & long lasting. 

We’ve spent years testing & perfecting our patented technique to ensure the bands are maintenance free, water resistant, & super flexible. In fact, we’ve used this process to manufacture other wood watches for 6 years now & we have finally perfected it for for all Apple Watch & Fitbit Versa watch models

We’ve prototyped & tested everything… from considering stitching, to buckle types, to finding the best suited wood species, to the colors & mixture on the edge coating. 

Some iterations before we perfected the design
Water resistant for everyday wear
The underside features a soft & supple animal-free leather
Fitbit Versa & Versa 2

Hi guys! I’m Lorenzo, the founder of Bandly. I initially developed this wood transforming technique as an undergrad design student back in 2012. I’ve always loved woodworking & unique materials so wanted to explore new ways to really re-imagine how wood could be used as more of a textile.

These are the earliest experiments from 2012

I’ve spent the last 6 years launching Kickstarter campaigns, launching product brands, & working in the watch industry. In fact, I’ve been producing an earlier variation of the band since 2013.

I’m a bit of a modern day hippy & find I really enjoying myself when I’m close to nature. I actually grew up with a view of the Appalachian trail & it’s definitely influenced my work.  I don’t care for the “granola” aesthetic of natural products of yesteryear… instead I’m interested in clean lines and simple geometry. 

While I appreciate tech in our life, I think it’s important to offset how heavily it’s incorporated into our day to day. Bandly aims to bring a little bit of nature to your everyday.

Have an Apple watch? Match your band with one of our custom backgrounds. Works with all models, but with the new Series 5 “always on display” this really gives your Apple Watch a totally new aesthetic. 

Try them for free here.

 Are you on the fence? Back the project now, you can always cancel later, & download the backgrounds to try out for a few days.

Our bands fit all Apple Watches, Fitbit Versa models, & can even be used on 22mm standard watches. At the end of the campaign, we’ll reach out to find out which band type is right for your watch model.

The Apple Watch bands come with a premium connector
Series 2 Apple Watch

Compatible with all Fitbit Versa, Apple Watch Models (Series 1,2,3,4, & 5), & watches that fit 22mm band.

Fits 38/40mm & 42/44mm watches (All Apple Watch Series) 22mm wide band which slightly tapers to 20mm  9.5″ long (fit’s small to large wrists) Specially treated to be water resistant & wipeable S.S. Buckle Real wood surface, animal free leather bottom

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