256 Light Colors Wireless Speaker: Sens2

Solid sound. Fitness support. Water resistant. Mood light. Your gateway to a smart home.

David Ng

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Your ultimate habit building guide light speaker: SENS2

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is a habit. But have you tried to build up a habit and failed eventually? Looking back, don’t you want a product that supports you fully along your way to excellence? SENS2 is here to help. With the combination of an app, a bluetooth speaker with more than 256 light color choices, SENS2 supports your health, your scheduling, your mood, and much more! Grab one for yourself to kick-start your journey to excellence with SENS2!

“Where your excellence come from”

Exercising is crucial to a healthy, fulfilling life, Sens2 is here to help achieving that

Sens2 is able to count for you with colours of light and sound upon your request. A few simple settings and Sens2 will be counting the time for you per workout and per break upon your choice of light colour.

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We don’t let the atmosphere dictates how we feel; we create the atmosphere

Choose your desired colour that fits your mood or occasion with the colour sphere in the Sens2 app. Pick 1 out of 256 colours available. Match with the right music to create the best atmosphere for the event.

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We think an alarm with sound ain’t enough; why not record your own & choose the favorite light for each alarms?

Sens2 goes further than just producing sounds at the set time and date. Record your own voice to create the heart-warming reminder for your loved ones; pick the correct “reminder light” for the alarm. Missing an event is now virtually impossible.

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We want you to sleep at the best moment & working up feeling the same

After a hard day of work, your sleep should be the most important time for your body to recover. Allow Sens2 to transit you from a tensed to relax with the sunset and wake up light. The light gets dimmer slowly for you to sleep sound and peaceful.

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Water repellence with extra attached hook

Any place can feel like home now

Sens2 is pending rated IPX5. That means you can take it to your outdoor trip. With the attached metal hook, you can hang it at the top of your tent. Create brightness at ease with maximum safety even when you are out in the woods from now on.

Unique selling point:

Sens2 has a decent speaker with solid sound for you to enjoy your favourite music anywhere from your phone.

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Place two SENS2 together, and you will achieve a True Wireless Stereo situation.

With its large battery at 18,500mWh, the Sens2 can play songs non-stop for more than 10 hours.

Create your habits with Sens2, make your life colorful.

24 LED lights on your command producing the best light upon your desire.

Enhanced alarm function, sunset and wake up light function, workout support function allows you to live your life with lights in ways you never thought of.

IPX5 water repellent rating gives you the potential of enjoying all of the above even at outdoors. Let SENS2 sing in the rain!

We understand the importance of portability nowadays. Thus we have added a small yet powerful carabiner at the bottom of SENS2. Now you can hang them on your travel backpack, or even at the top of the opened tent. Experience the joyfulness SENS2 brings anywhere, anytime.

Bottom carabiner-hook for hanging functions (limited perks, first come first served!)

We have 24 LED lights perfectly positioned to produce the best light spread for you to enjoy. 5W speaker with a base booster, including a cylindrical interior, means decent and solid speaker quality at all sound range. Handle and Carabiner holder means surprisingly high portability provided. After long hours of research and development, we are finally able to combine the best of various products out there, and infuse our own creativity to support you in creating your habits via vision and hearing.

What if it’s able to read your mind?

What if Sens2 designs your fitness program with you?

New features or updates on software/app planned for the future

 We planned to develop SENS2 further with the following possible upgrades:

HIIT goes further with fitness program designer  Schedule with blinking lights/Alerts with weather forecasting setup  Mood & Music matching

Our main direction is to strengthen existing function e.g. HIIT with smooth 3rd party streaming app songs being played; smart scheduling with more customizations such as priority setting, extra number of reminders per task; more light changing patterns. 

To take it to another level, it is theoretically possible for SENS2 to sense your brainwave and reacts accordingly, providing you the best tune and light that inspires you the most at that particular moment.

Textured finish

We want it to be one of your favourite decoration in your room. So thought it through and decided to texturise the top and bottom of SENS2. This creates a high end feel and touch. Upgrade your room with SENS2 now!

Brushed mid housing

To achieve full support anytime, anywhere, we made sure the mid housing is fully brushed. It smoothens light passing through it for a constant light out at all viewing angles.


Perform quick controls to manipulate SENS2 even if your phone is not around you. Light modes, Light color, Tune volumes all at the tip of your fingers.


We made a handle on top for easy carrying, and a Bottom carabiner-hook for hanging functions during outdoor usage, turning the product into a portable multi-light lamp instantly.

Sound Quality

A decent tune can boost your mood, accompany you during tough times, or enlighten you when you feel stuck. That is why we care so much about the sound quality. Cylindrical Shaped, 5W speaker with a bass booster at the bottom are the 3 main features in terms of sound. Combine them and we get a perfect tune that does not disappoint.

True Wireless Stereo(TWS)

Place two SENS2 together, and you will achieve a True Wireless Stereo situation.

Simply do the same with the Sens2 app, and both the Sens2 will feedback you wuth sound and light, giving you a whole new level of sensual experience.

Non-Slip Capabilities

We understand accidents could happen. So we have placed some rubber underneath. Friction maximised, accident minimised. Problem solved.

SENS2 comes with different colors, Jet Black, Lemon, Indigo and Moonrock (limited edition!)  Choose the one that suits your home the most, and be stylish in no time.

 Hang Sens2 upside down, experience the joyfulness SENS2 brings anywhere, anytime.

Choose between:

Jet Black, Lemon, Indigo, Moonrock (Limited Edition)!

1. Starting charging Sens2 once you unpack it.

2. Meanwhile, search the app via App Store/Play store, download it.

3. Turn ON the Sens2.

4. Follow the guidelines in the app & connect your phone to your Sens2.

5. KICKSTART your way of smart living!


We work closely with DHL to provide smooth air freight services, sending SENS2 right to your home.

We were inspired along the development of SENS2 and as you can see, it went through various outlooks. Through countless hours of engineering and design discussions and work, we came up with the shape as of right now as it provides a marvellous balance between sound quality, light quality and ease of use.

We held our very first exhibition booth at the  Hong Kong Trade and Development Council’s Spring Electronic Fair 2019. It was truly inspiring to be in contact with the potential clients face to face.

Future of SENS2 and Soilife

Soilife aims at the provision of smart lifestyle products that supports human beings in all contexts. The success of SENS2 will bring limitless potential of the birth of all other kinds of products that are stuck in our mind. Your every support is extremely helpful.

David Ng – Co-founder

Keith Choi – Co-founder

As a team , we came from various backgrounds within the consumer electronics industry. We would like to express the difficulties of having a good product with the lack of interest due to the vast information flowing around the world.

Crowdfunding filters the information, and allow users to understand where we are coming from.

We are tired of reminders with sound and words only. Human beings has 5 senses, we can definitely use them to discipline ourselves. Everything can now start with the Sens2.

Your support is much appreciated and welcome. Every penny pushes us, and you, together towards this simple yet innovative product, and so much more potential in the future is hold-within.

Q. How do I choose the color?

A. We will send you a survey to collect color options , you can choose a different color or same color when you back more than one Sens2. (Pick your colour all you want and leave your choice in the comment section! We will strongly consider the most-picked-colour it when we reach our goal and reaching development stage!)

Q. When do you collect the mailing address information? 

A. We will send you a survey to collect mailing address information after the campaign ends. (You would have typed in your address info already by the moment you pledge on us! Everything is sorted 😊

Q. How loud is the Sens2?

A. The speaker output is 5W. That is more than enough for some solid tunes playing in your room/ in the tent! We took care of your listening truly.)

Q. Does Sens2 fit for outdoor use?

A. Yes, Sens2 supports IPX5 water resistance rating, water-splash-worry-free! Don’t throw it into the river/bathtub/pool, though!

Q. Can Sens2 still work without connecting App?

A. Yes, Sens2 can work alone as a Bluetooth Speaker and Mood Light , however some features like “Work Out Support”, “Wake up/Sleep Light”, Enhanced Alarm” can only be activated with connecting to your smart phone. We truly recommend you to take your phone with you when using your Sens2. After all, who doesn’t take their phone with them anyways? (Even right before adult naptime I suppose…pick your light to set the mood.)

Q. Can I use Sens2 as camping lantern?

A. Yes, Sens2 comes with an extra attached hook at the bottom, it is designed for enjoying music even Sens2 is hanging upside down on the top of tent. Now you camp with whatever light you want! Wohoooo!

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